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Parking Sensors

We supply and fit to your requirements - just front sensors, rear and front sensors or just rear parking sensors. Rear parking sensors help to make reverse parking so much easier as today's modern cars tend to have large corner pillars and smaller rear windows. Front parking sensors are excellent for cars with long or sloping bonnets.


Non Invasive Fitting, Excellent Quality Direct Towing are confident in our suppliers' systems. The parking sensors we supply and fit are designed to work seamlessly with modern vehicle electrics and they avoid interfering with your vehicle's computer system - they do not affect the vehicle manufacturer warranty. In fact we fit parking sensors to new vehicles for several main dealerships.

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We only fit ultrasonic parking sensors because we have tested many different types and have no faith at all in magnetic sensors. We need to be sure that the type of parking sensors that we fit can be guaranteed for a very long time! We only use equipment that we have tried and tested on our own vehicles and we also ensure that we have first class back up from our suppliers.

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